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Our Story

story-fiveThe Shoeshine Guild began in 1996 as “A Shoeshine & Company,” with Kevin Tuohy as our sole proprietor. Kevin and some friends built a portable shoeshine chair and started marketing to conventioneers who wanted to put something special in their booth. When the dotcom boom hit, our shiners were in huge demand. Simultaneously, there was a big swing music scene revival, and everyone wanted to hire our portable stand and its shining stars. Kevin and Tommy Daly took the helm, becoming expert swing dancers as well as stellar shiners. They recruited more friends who were also interested in the retro themed industry, and together we created a business that would be the best in its class while showcasing the unique people who formed it.

story-sixThe most important common bond among the original crew members is that we are all recovered alcoholics. Together, we created a place to work and grow as industry leaders and as people. The atmosphere of like-mindedness created support and positivity that none had imagined would be so beneficial for all concerned. Governor Grey Davis actually presented us with an award for “Providing a Joyous Contribution to the Community.”

story-threeWe opened our first permanent location in 1999 at The Crocker Galleria. Soon after, Rachel Leamy joined Kevin as operations partner. We were so successful that we were asked to open in the Bank of America Center (now 555 California) in 2001. When Kevin answered his country’s call to serve a tour in the Middle East after the tragedy of 9/11, Meghan Scanlon was promoted from Bank of America site manager to full partner . Later that year, we opened in the Russ Building, adding full service shoe repair to all of our shops. Soon thereafter, we began providing the Olympic Club with drop-off and in shop service on their basement level. In October, 2008, we went bi-coastal, adding two new stands in Jet Blue’s terminal 5 at JFK. Most recently, in February, 2009, we brought our Five Star services to 1 Embarcadero Center! At our Embarcadero stand you can also buy high end refurbished shoes for great prices. With the advent of our New York locations, we’ve also expanded our event services to the Washington D.C. metro area.

story-twoThrough the years, we’ve opened and closed many stands as supply and demand have waxed and waned- Moscone Center, Westin St. Francis, Macy’s Men’s Store, 560 Mission St, and Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza. We’ve served many San Francisco and New York offices with in house shine service, and we have a long list of satisfied customers for whom we’ve provided unbeatable event services. Not only have we shined shoes, but we’ve performed swing dancing, bluegrass music, jazz music, improvisational acting and comedy, specially designed entertainment packages, manicures/pedicures, and we’ve even formed a promotional cheerleading squad!

story-oneAs we’ve expanded, we’ve had to make some changes while holding true to our original business model. Our primary goal is to help others to help themselves and in turn help others. We have expanded our staff to include non-alcoholics who fit in with our crew and who can benefit from a sober and deeply caring environment. This is usually people who are friends and family of our present workers. This workforce empowers a natural dynamism; one where what blesses one blesses all.

The Team


Kevin Tuohy

Founding Partner,

Sales/Marketing East Coast


Kevin founded this company in 1996, shining shoes with a portable chair at conventions and special events. Before he formed The Shoeshine Guild, his charm and charisma had already made him an unforgettable character as a server in San Francisco hot spots such as Postrio and Lulu.  If you walk down the street with him, it seems he’s friends with everyone. Not only do people recognize “the man in the hat,” but he remembers every single one of their names!  A U.S. Army Veteran, he left the business in the hands of his partners after the tragedy of 9/11 to serve a tour in the Middle East.  We’re so glad he made it back, as we missed the bright spot in our lives that is Kevin- greeting all passersby with a bright smile, a friendly hello, and a sincere compliment. Kevin is currently the contributing shoe care expert for Men’s Health magazine. These days, you can find him in New York City running our Chelsea Market stand in Manhattan as well as our operations in jetBlue’s Terminal 5 at JFK. Beautifully profiled by Johnston and Murphy in October of 2012, you can hear more from Kevin about our business here: Find-a-Shine Kevin Tuohy


Rachel Leamy

Chief Operations Partner,

Sales/Marketing West Coast


Rachel has been shining since the spring of 1997, helping to open the Crocker Galleria stand in April 1999, and joining Kevin as operations partner soon after. Her experience and talents have been focused to build a company that would employ sober alcoholics and bring out the best in everyone.  She has enjoyed bringing her many creative abilities to the shine venue, from serenading customers with her ukulele and improvised songs, to designing and building most of the portable chairs we use for special event services.  She is uncanny with leather color restoration, and takes great pleasure in learning new tricks and methodology to continually improve our services, from shine magic to customer relations.  She is a delighted mother of two, ceaselessy multi-tasking her way through the day to juggle the demands of a growing business and active family.


Meghan Reynolds

Chief Financial Partner,

Conventions-Events Coordinator

(415) 533-2668

Meghan has been on the scene from the beginning. One of the first ladies of shine, she is an integral part of the creation of this business. After many years surviving the high life in the Malibu/Hollywood music scene, she had just the kind of strength and honesty that helped to forge the atmosphere we now enjoy. While we love to have fun, she has done much to establish the bedrock of respect and professionalism underlying all that we do. She joined as a partner in ’02 and brought with her tremendous power and experience in business / management and vocational rehab. She has relocated to the East Coast where she heads up the special event services and holds down the financial fort as she builds a family with her husband and soon to be second child. It is her level head and creative practicality that keeps the business grounded and growing.


KeaLani Lada

National Managing Partner


Kealani joined the team in Nov of 2005.  A quick study, she became a customer favorite right away.  In early ’07 she had to return to her Portland home for personal reasons, and continued her paramedic career while there. Things were good, but the shoeshine bug had bitten her, so she returned to us in September of that year.  By December, she was running the shoe repair operations and soon after added General Manager to her title.  In January of 2012, KeaLani became the newest partner of The Shoeshine Guild, moving to New York to help Kevin with expansion efforts there. She claims she never wants to work anywhere else, and she shows it. Her standard of excellence in all that she does has pushed the whole company forward, increasing our knowledge base and improving customer service. Her aptitude is complimented by a great sense of humor.  If you ask her nicely, she’ll tell you why she got that “fools rush in” tattoo, and when the weather is nice, you just might see her riding her Harley Davidson around San Francisco.


Kaila Morris * Team San Francisco

Regional Manager, West Coast

Kaila started shining in summer ’02 and managed the Russ Building location and shoe repair operation for us from ’03- ‘07. After a brief hiatus to graduate with honors from Mill’s college, accepting Anthropology Student of the Year, she rejoined us as our repair manager at our Embarcadero location. In November of 2011, when the position of General Manager needed to be filled, Kaila’s infallible work ethic, and ability to hyper-multi-task made her the logical choice. Perhaps her chemistry studies assist with her expert shoe repair diagnostics while her yo-yo and hackysack savvy enable her to expedite repairs to and from 4 shine stand locations while providing the best in customer service. She loves working with other sober alkies and getting paid to have a blast. Not only does she know about tree planting, tile setting and political activism, I bet if you asked her she could tell you how to build a straw-bale house with genuine Canadian politeness!


Jack Leamy * Team San Francisco

Embarcadero Center Site Manager

In the fall of 2011, we were pleased to welcome to our team this accomplished and award winning artist, father of two, and husband to one of our founding partners, Rachel Leamy. After graduating from San Francisco Art Institute in 2010 with a Masters of Fine Arts degree, where he earned the Irene Pijoan Memorial Painting Award for the class of 2010, Jack was further recognized for his talents by the Headland Center for the Arts with the Tournesol Award, given to one emerging Bay Area talent each year, and including a one year residency in their beautiful studios. A prolific and exceptional artist, Jack is always dynamically engaged in projects, gallery showings, and collaborations with other artists. jackleamy.com


Jake Lyon * Team San Francisco

Crocker Galleria Site Manager

Since May of 2000, Jake has been grateful for the sober workplace where he feels most understood by his fellows. He’s left us many times to try his hand at other trades, but he can’t resist the easy conversations and expert shines that his customers have come to expect from him. He has done tree trimming (from oak to Bonsai), all types of landscaping and gardening, yellow jacket and honeybee removal, beekeeping, locksmithing, small engine repair, auto dismantling, construction, and irrigation installment, earning him the moniker, “Jake of all Trades.” That must be why he always has something to talk about with customers, no matter what their interests are! Jake is currently our Crocker Galleria manager, bringing 5 star service to each and every customer who frequents our Post/Montgomery location.


Freddy Cook Jr. * Team San Francisco

555 California Site Manager

Freddy has been a shoeshine family favorite since November of 2006. He is a fun loving artisan who paints and plays guitar. He has a beautiful singing voice, always ready to get a rousing chorus going amongst friends. In the fall of 2007, Freddy took over operations at the Olympic Club shop. He has been a rock who’s on a roll!


Michael T. * Team San Francisco

Whole Foods Dolores Site Manager



Jackie H. * Team San Francisco



Chris A. * Team San Francisco

Part rockabilly, part goth, part engineer, and part computer geek, Chris takes the prize for coolest kid on campus. His many talents include computer programming, graphic design, video game design, classic car restoration, and don’t forget his awesome custom shoe patinas!


Donna C. * Team San Francisco

Donna comes from a big irish family in Connecticut, and has been living in San Francisco for longer than she can remember. A Bikram yoga teacher for 12 years, Donna recently received her aesthetician’s license and is now ready to make your face look as good as your shoes. Her dog’s name is Razzle, and he’s the love of her life!


Sam C. * Team San Francisco



Christina S. * Team San Francisco



Issac H. * Team San Francisco

A Bay Area native, Isaac flew into The Shoeshine Guild in May of 2009. He had been studying for his pilot’s license, putting in over 100 flight hours before he found us. He has taken quite a shine to shoes, working to become an expert in leather dyeing. He takes customer service very seriously, ever honing the delicate art of when to engage in a great conversation and when to provide a peaceful respite for those needing a break in their busy day. One day, he may be telling you to sit back and enjoy your flight; for now, you’ll have to sit back and enjoy your shine.


Greg T. * Team New York

jetBlue Site Manager

From the day he began shining shoes at our jetBlue location in February of 2012, Greg has been making us all smile. Told he would be learning “The Best Shoeshine in the World,” he took the training to heart and attempts to deliver on this promise every time. With a dry and surprising humor, he keeps customers and co-workers laughing non-stop. After two years of hard work, hustle, and dedication, we couldn’t help but promote Greg to Site Manager of our jetBlue operations in 2014. As our jetBlue manager, he has led the crew in repeatedly beating sales incentives, achieving record sales numbers to date. When Greg is not working, he’s pushing the boundaries of sartorial style as he enjoys the New York City night life – watch out for his Stubbs and Wootton velvet slippers on the dance floor!


Claymon R. * Team New York

jetBlue Training Officer

If you are passing by our stands at jetBlue, and you see a young man dancing, singing, having fun, and delighting everyone who walks by, then you have just seen Claymon! Claymon brings a youthful energy and a sense of optimism and fun to everyone in Terminal 5. Underlying this joyful energy is an attitude of excellence and an inherent work ethic that make him an integral part of the team, as well as our jetBlue Training Officer. As he travels the streets of New York, his talent for for putting together designer fashion ensembles make him a candidate to be photographed by the city’s hippest street-style bloggers!


Lance A. * Team New York

Lance came to the United States from his beloved country of Guyana with a dream of working hard and achieving the success of being the most accomplished person he could personally be. With a photography business, a T-shirt business, and two published books with a third in the works, we would say he is well on his way! Lance’s easy going nature and sincere interest in other people’s experience and points of view have made him a customer favorite. While getting your shoes shined by Lance, if he asks you a few question, you just may end up in his next book! You can learn more about his various endeavors at the following link: www.jamalladams.com


Sam B. * Team New York



Ike A. *Team New York



Taurean W. * Team New York

Taurean is one of the original members of our New York jetBlue team that opened in JFK Airport’s Terminal 5 in October, 2008. A sweet smile and an easy rapport with customers combined with fantastic shoeshine skills make him a favorite of management, fellow shiners, and customers alike. Taurean is pursuing a degree in business at Queensboro College, and in 2010, he took on a second job as part of jetBlue’s inflight team. With such an impressive work ethic, we look for Taurean to be successful in any enterprise.


…nobody shines like they do. It’s almost lethal.
Tom Newmeyer – Customer quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle

Whether for a special event, or for day to day service, I recommend without reservation hiring The Shoeshine Guild to those seeking to work with the best in the Shoe Shine business.
Annette Kevranian, CEO – Method 42 Productions

Choosing The Shoeshine Guild to work in our client’s trade show booth at AAN was truly a great decision. Everyone was so energetic and extremely creative in attracting attention that soon trade show attendees were crowding into the booth (in the back of the hall) and standing in line for a shoe shine and the great entertainment.

Extraordinary Show Productions Ltd. (ESP) highly recommends The Shoeshine Guild to anyone looking for a fun and entertaining way to increase traffic to their trade show booth.

Sandy Flom ESP (Extraordinary Show Productions Ltd.)

…I know a good shine when I see it. I’ve had my shoes shined all over the world and these shiners are world class.
Doug Vinson

I have worked with this group of talented individuals on several occasions and they have been outstanding. They turn a shoe shine into an entertainment adventure. My clients have been most impressed with the services and entertainment provided.
Douglas Linneman, CMP, Director of Conference Services – Omni San Francisco Hotel

The Webby Awards beauty exhibit at New York’s Internet World would not have been what it was without you! Your hard work, dedication and ability to work within our budget proved to be invaluable. Thank you for making this project enjoyable. You’re awesome!
Tiffany Shlain, Founder/Director – The Webby Awards

It’s the most amazing shine in the city. It’s no wonder many of the city’s top financial wizards, lawyers and software engineers turn to the sassy shiners for a respite.
San Francisco Chronicle

So many businesses fail; The Shoeshine Guild has, in fact, succeeded for the reason that its staff, from ‘Shiners’ on down, have all individually faced failure and beat it back with hard work and sobriety. Each, in a personal way, has succeeded, as has the company. What a great group of people who shine as brightly now in life as do the shoes in which we walk in their support.
Haig A. Harris, Jr., Attorney

The Shoeshine Guild has brought a unique flare to the luxury suites at SBC Park. Our guests truly appreciate the service they provide and even make it a point to wear specific shoes on ‘shine days.’ This group is dependable, professional and fun to work with.
Amy Loskutoff, Director of Luxury Suites, San Francisco Giants, AT&T Park

The Shoeshine Guild has been an institution at Crocker Galleria in San Francisco since 1996.The founder, Kevin Tuohy, is a one-of-a-kind shining star and brightens everyone’s day, providing impeccable service with an engaging smile and unbelievable charisma. His team members are equally talented and wonderful and always go above and beyond that extra mile to provide excellent service.

Besides offering the best shine in town, Kevin and his crew are talented individuals, providing improvisational party entertainment from cheerleading to stand up comedy and beyond. At our last event, the crowd went wild when the Crocker Galleria “cheerleaders” made a surprise appearance–they were so popular, in fact, that we used them again during our 2004 Holiday promotions with equal success!

I look forward to working with The Shoeshine Guild at every opportunity, and I wholeheartedly recommend their wide range of creative services.

Sina von Reitzenstein, Retail Manager – Crocker Galleria

In the numerous times I have worked with the wonderful people at Shine and Co, every event has gone perfectly. During our off site meetings their staff is friendly polite and hard working. They make me look good and better yet, every pair of shoes they touch come out perfect.
Peter Monty, Vice President – DWS Investments

I thoroughly enjoyed your involvement in my convention booth. The shoe shine service that you provided was top-notch and contributed a great deal to the large level of traffic we received at the booth. I knew that the shoe shine service would be a great draw to get attendees to visit our booth and stay for a while. That way, those of us representing Minnesota Life could have full conversations with attendees that might otherwise stop long enough (only) to get a trinket. The free service did exactly that. But the icing on the cake was the joyous conversation that you brought to our guests.

After working with you I have greater expectations going forward. The convention was such a tremendous success, due in large part to your involvement. In addition to my wonderful experience with you in the booth, Kelly raved about how easy you were to work with in terms of coordinating the event… your cooperation and responsiveness.

I’m thankful to you for your outstanding participation in this event, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future. My colleague is thrilled to work with you in New York.

Mary Docken, Group Life Insurance Marketing Specialist – Minnesota Life

Some Of Our Satisfied Customers Include:

  • Associated Entertainment Consultants, Inc.
  • AT&T
  • Bill Graham Presents
  • Blue Frog
  • Broadway Studios
  • Charles Schwab
  • Cisco Systems
  • Cushman & Wakefield
  • Diageo (Crown Royal, Johnny Walker)
  • Dreyfus Financial
  • DWS Investments.
  • Ernst & Young
  • Extraordinary Show Productions
  • First Republic Bank
  • GenMark
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation Dist.
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Hanoch McCarty (Chicken Soup for the Soul)
  • Innovative Entertainment
  • IRT
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Johnny Walker
  • KPMG
  • Learn It!
  • Levi’s/Dockers
  • Loop.net
  • Macy’s
  • McKesson HBOC
  • Method 42
  • Microsoft
  • Miller Freeman
  • Minnesota Life
  • Moody’s KMV
  • Oakland Raiders
  • Office Depot
  • Rick Hearns Productions
  • S.F. Giants
  • San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
  • Securian Financial Group
  • SED International
  • Service America
  • The Freeman Group
  • The Great American Music Hall
  • The Lurie Company
  • The U.S.O. Show
  • Thomas Weisel Partners
  • U.S. Concepts
  • UBS Warburg
  • Webby Awards
  • William Grant (Hendrick’s Gin)
  • Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America